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Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

NF-100 Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

1. This NF-100 automatic tube filling and sealing machine owns 12 stations. It chooses the matched manipulator to accomplish the filling and edge folding of lead tube, aluminum tube, plastic tube and laminated tubes.
2. It offers automated operation of tube loading, photo registering, optional hose interior washing, filling, sealing, marking and finished product unloading in the whole process.
3. The external rotary feeding system ensures the convenient and tidy loading of the tubes.
4. Under the mechanical linkage situations, the cursor precision tolerance is less than 0.2mm, narrowing the scope of the chromatic aberration of the tube with the color code.
5. The integrated optical, electronic and pneumatic control enables this automatic tube filling and sealing machine to offer no filling when there is no tube. Moreover, our product gives automatic display of low voltage with alarm. It will stop automatically if the tube is loaded improperly or the protection door is open.
6. Three-layer jacketed instant heater on inner wall of the tube won’t damage the pattern on the outer wall of the tube, realizing attractive sealing effect.

Detailed Information

Configuration Standard Technical Parameters Remarks
Area of Main Machine About 3m2
Working Area About 2.5m2
Area of Water Chiller About 1m2
Landing Area About 4m2
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 2.5×1.2×2.4m
Integrated Structure Combined mode
Weight About 1200kg
Material 304
Opening Mode of Safety Guard Handle door
Material of Safety Guard Organic glass
Under Frame of Platform Stainless steel
Shape of Cabinet Square
Power, Main Motor, etc.
Power Supply 50Hz/380V, 3P
Main Motor 2.2kw
Hot Air Generator 3kw
Water Chiller 1.5kw Standard configuration
Jacketed Barrel Heating Power 2kw Optional configuration for extra expense
Jacketed Barrel Blending Power 0.18kw Optional configuration for extra expense
Production Capacity
Operation Speed Max. 70pcs/min
Filling Range Plastic tube 3-250ml, aluminum tube 3-15 0ml
Suitable Tube Length 240mm
Suitable Tube Diameter 13.5-60mm (Tube with over 50mm needs customization) Aluminum tube 12.5-30 mm
Pressing Device
Main Component for Pressing Guide SMC
Pneumatic Control System
Low Voltage Protection SMC
Pneumatic Component Airtac Partial SMC
Working Pressure 0.5-0.6MPa
Compressed Air Consumption 1.5m³/min
Electrical Control System
Control Mode PLC+touch screen
Frequency Inverter SIEMENS
Touch Screen SIEMENS
Temperature Controller OMRON
Filling Monitor OMRON or PEPPRL FUCHS
Total Power Switch Schneider
Color Code Sensor Japan SUNX or America BANNER
Servo Motor for Photo Registering YASKAWA
Hot Air Generator LEISTER (Switzerland)
Suitable Packing Material and Other Devices
Suitable Packing Material Aluminum and plastic composite tube, plastic composite tube and aluminum tube
Storage of Obliquely Hanging Tube Adjustable speed
Contacting Components with Filling Material 316L Stainless steel
Jacketed Hopper Temperature setting is subjected to the materials and filling demands. Optional configuration for extra expense
Jacketed Layer Stirrer No material, no blending Optional configuration for extra expense
Automatic Stamping Device Single side or double sides printing at the end of sealed tube.
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