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DPH-200 Aluminum/PVC Blister Packaging Machine for Medical Device

DPH-200 Aluminum/PVC Blister Packaging Machine for Medical Device

This DPH-200 aluminum/PVC blister packaging machine for medical device is our newly designed product. With its performance reaching the international advanced level, the product is applicable in packing the capsule, tablet in pharmacy, food, electronics, medical equipment and other industries.

1.Our aluminum/PVC blister packaging machine is designed rationally. It keeps stable performance, conforming to CE and GMP Certificate.
2. It makes the material flat through positive pressure forming method. With the uniform blister plate and rollers for net sealing, this product realizes stable seal for package.
3. Configured with the PLC human interface with frequency inverter, our product is able to run at proper packing speed according to different materials. Due to the rotary coder, it gets high automation and convenient operation. Moreover, the photography detection device guarantees the qualification rate of the product as required.
4. The brimless cutting at high speed facilitates the material conservation and easy replacement for the mould.

Main Technical Parameters

Capacity 60-120punch/min
Range of Stroke 40-120mm
Max. Forming Area and Depth 190×90×12mm
Packing Material Medical PVC (0.2-0.35)×200mm
PTP Aluminum Foil (0.02-0.03)×200mm
Clean Compressed Air (pressure) 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption ≥0.5m3/min
Power AC380V, 50Hz, 12kw
Mould Cooling 1.5P consumption
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 3250×850×1800mm
Net Weight 1350kg
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