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Automatic Strip Packing Machine

Automatic Strip Packing Machine


The automatic strip packing machine was designed by our research team to meet the needs in the market. Using a PLC Human interface, the automatic strip packing machine ensures frequency control, higher automation, easy operation, beautiful style, full function, well performance and durability. The automatic strip packing machine conforms to "GMP" standards.

1. The automatic strip packing machine uses a vibration feeder and crisp remover, which effectively removes the powder and crisps inside medicine.
2. With the automatic strip packing machine, the functions of auto counting, horizontal perforation, slitting, waster-side cutting, printing batch number and auto punch, etc. can automatically be achieved in one process.
3. The diameter of the heat pressing cam can be changed from 110 to 140 mm.
4. The rotation speed of the material controlling cam is equal to the heat pressing cam, and the cam's equilibrium is equal to a medicament nest of heat pressing cam. It can ensure the distance from the plate edge, the medicament nest and the one between the central medicament nest is equal.
5. Our automatic strip packing machine uses an electronic checking signal and PLC programs to finish punch. It can change the number of granules at any time in the horizontal direction of the plate, enabling the user to change the plates without replacing the molds.
6. The automatic strip packing machine can be equipped with an additional cursor tracking and registering plate system, inking wheel printer to upgrade the products by beautifully and uniformly printing the products. The digit numbers are clearly stamped.

Notes: We took part in drafting out the JB/T10641-2006 for the Soft Double Al Packing Machine which was actualized on April 1, 2007.

Technical Specifications

Speed of Drum (rpm) 7-15 stepless
Capacity (thousand pcs/h) 20-60 thousand pcs/h
Max. Packing Width (mm) 165mm can be manufactured as user's requirements
Pvc for Medicine (mm) 0.15-0.1×160
Al/pl Complex Film (mm) 0.08×160
Hole Die of Reel (mm) 40-45
Electrothermal Power 1kw×2
Main Motor (kw) 0.55
Air Pressure (Mpa) 0.4
Air Supply ≥0.1m³/min
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1450×600×1670(L×W×H)
Weight (kg) 600
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