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DPB-350 Series Chocolate Blister Packaging Machine

DPB-350 Series Chocolate Blister Packaging Machine

Main Features
1. The DPB-350 series chocolate blister packaging machine is mainly driven by the R series helical bevel gear motor of Shanghai Mechanic Omiter Equipment Co., Ltd. Under the drive of chains, the splined shaft will activate four cams on separate stations to make reciprocating motion up and down to accomplish the forming, heat sealing, batch number printing and punching process.

The splined inner holes of the four cams makes the stations for forming, batch number printing and punching move horizontally. It is very convenient to adjust the moulds in different sizes. The main transmission part is compact and durable. The splined shaft is structured with 8 equivalent slots and its diameter reaches 64mm, performing stably with large torque and long service life.

2. The traction mechanism is composed of the Taiwan Delta servo motor that offers intelligent dragging, steady and precise operation. It is available in flexible adjustment on stroke and color code tracking. Therein, the adjustable range of the stroke is from 40 to 200mm.

3. This chocolate blister packaging machine utilizes the induction switch to control the transmission of the PVC and aluminum foil. When materials are loaded at beginning, they own large diameter and heavy weight so that it needs large force to convey them. Yet the diameter and weight of the material will be lessened gradually and the conveying force will be different, too. The utilization of the motor for transmission solves the problem of changing conveying force, realizing precise, stable and simultaneous feeding of materials.

4. The double layered worktable is made of the 1.5mm stainless steel completely. The through machine adopts the 304 stainless steel materials. Moreover, it uses aluminum alloy for forming, Cr12 material for heat sealing and Cr13 chrome steel material for cutting. All the parts contacting with he medicine are made of nontoxic materials, conforming to the GMP standard.

5. The cutting device can be adjusted at any directions, shortening the time for settling the mould and reducing the waste of materials.

6. Our chocolate blister packaging machine supports the operation on the human interface, PLC control and continuously variable control on running speed. According to the feeding situations and the size of blister sheet, it is able to accomplish 6 to 36 punches within a minute.

7. Due to the separated structure, the product offers easy access to the purified workshop or the building workshop via elevator for goods.

8. This chocolate blister packaging machine heats when the plates are matched. It shortens the time for heating PVC and remains the PVC molecular structure effectively. In addition, this product saves much energy. When it stops, the heating plate will open automatically to prevent the PVC from overheating. The heating plate is mainly made of stainless steel heating pipe injected with aluminum and plainted with anti-sticking coating.

Main Technical Parameters

Item Parameter
Cutting Speed 6-36 times/min
Power 3phases 4wires, 380V/50Hz
Adjustable Stroke 40-200mm
Max. Forming Area 340mm×190mm
Max. Forming Depth AL/PL 26mm
Upper Forming Heat Power 2.5kw
Lower Forming Heat Power 2.5kw
Heat-sealing heat power 3kw
Motor Power 2.2kw
Air Pump Pressure 0.5- 0.6MPa
Air Pump Volume Flux ≥ 0.36m3/min
Packing Material (H×W) Medicine PVC 0.25-0.40mm×350mm
PTP 0.02mm×350mm
Machine Dimension(L×W×H) 4000mm×850mm×1750mm
Weight 2000kg
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