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Food Blister Machine (Chocolate, Jam, Butter, Candy)

Food Blister Packing Machine (Chocolate, Jam, Butter, Candy)

DPB-250 Series

As a type of packaging machine, the food blister machine was developed to pack chocolates, butter, biscuits, perfume, essence, facemasks etc. with AL/PL, PL/PL materials. The food blister machine uses a micro-computer control system and frequency converter and features higher automation and easy operation. The food blister machine is ideal for use in the foodstuff and cosmetics industries.

1. The distance can be adjusted freely on the same flat surface for forming, heat-sealing, perforation, punching parts etc. With high precision and good suitability, the food blister machine is suitable for various sizes of foodstuff packaging.
2. The stable running of our food blister machine is ensured by adjustable stroke, automatic feeding, register heating, positive pressure forming, up and down net web, cylinder heat-sealing, printing batch number with automatic perforation, mechanic dragging and easy operation.
3. The food blister machine uses an imported gear reducer, which features low noise and long life.
4. Location is fixed by die pressure plate, with accurate register, making it convenient to change the mold.
5. With combination mechanism, the food blister machine is convenient to assemble and maintain.
6. The food blister machine is equipped with a temperature reserve chocolate feeder, ensuring the chocolate is charged smoothly, freely and accurately.

Note: The food blister machine can be paired with a register sealing device with cursor trace.

Technical Specifications

Cutting Frequency (times/min) 6-35
Max. Forming Area and Depth (mm) 240×150×26
Stroke (mm) 40-160 can be manufactured as user's requirements
Standard Plate (mm) 80×57 can be manufactured as user's requirements
Air Pressure (Mpa) 0.4-0.6
Air Supply ≥0.3 m³/min
Total Power 380V/220V 50Hz 6.2kw
Main Motor Power (kw) 1.5
PVC Hard Pieces (mm) 0.15-0.5×250
PTP Aluminum Foil (mm) 0.02-0.035×250
Dialysis Paper (mm) 50-100g×250
Mold Cooling Tap water or recycling water
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2900×720×1550(L×W×H)
Weight (kg) 1600
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