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Automatic Paper Packaging Machine

Automatic Paper Packaging Machine

HP-500 Series

The automatic paper packaging machine is used for paper plastic packing of countless products such as cakes, injection, injectors, toy cars, scissors, flashlights, batteries, spark plugs, tooth brushes, lipsticks, facial masks, coat and hat hooks, chopsticks, cleaning balls, bottle openers, shavers, correction liquids, ball pens, etc. It is also used in food, medicine, medical equipment, toys, small hardware, small household appliances, electronics, automobile and motorcycle fittings, daily products, cosmetics, rubber and plastic products, table wares, kitchen wares, recreation and sports and other industries.

Main Features
1. Packing forms such as positive pressure forming, feeding, thermal sealing, tearable opening cutting, and finished products conveying are adopted. The automatic paper packaging machine has a simple structure and is easy to operate.
2. With the 304 stainless steel cover, which conforms to GMP requirements, the automatic paper packaging machine features a beautiful shape and convenient cleaning.
3. Using frequency control, color touch screen (man-machine interface) and a PLC control system, the automatic paper packaging machine features high output, low noise, clear and convenient operation, and high automation.
4. Servo motor stepless travel control is used. The travel adjustment is simple and mold replacement is very convenient.
5. A photoelectric control is used. When the PVC sheet is used up or the paperboard is insufficient, a buzzer alarm will be sent.
6. The whole automatic paper packaging machine uses the split design, which facilitates transportation and traveling in and out the elevator.
7. The winding plastic sheet feeding device on the automatic paper packaging machine is used to save packing material.
8. The mold and automatic feeder on the automatic paper packaging machine can be designed according to user requirements and materials to be packed.

Technical Specifications

Cutting Frequency 8-20 (times/min)
Stroke Range 40-130mm
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Air Flow ≥0.5m3/min
Total Power 380V 50HZ 7KW
Main Motor Power 1.5KW
Maximum Specification of PVC 480*130mm Design according to customer requirement is available
Maximum Specification of Paperboard 500*150 Design according to customer requirement is available
Overall Dimension 3750*920*1650mm (L*W*H)
Machine Weight 2100KG
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