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Cosmetics Packaging Machine (Crystal Facial Mask)

Cosmetics Packaging Machine (Crystal Facial Mask)


This type of cosmetics packaging machine features flat plate for packing crystal facial masks. It is a new type of machine which has been improved and designed to pack crystal facial masks, eyes pads, nose packs, pleura gel material, and perfume material.

1.The cosmetics packaging machine uses a PLC Human-Interface control system to operate, using servo dragging control to ensure the accuracy and stability of the cosmetics packaging machine.
2. All electric components are brand name products and the cover is made of 304 stainless steel. The parts that come in contact with the material are made from innocuous and corrosion resistant material.
3.The cosmetics packaging machine has a bistratal working table and the inner machine is totally closed, making it safe to operate.
4. Our cosmetics packaging machine conforms to GMP Standard and has received the CE certificate.
5. Automatic sheet forming, material filling, cooling, sealing, system orientation, cutting, and waste winding can all be completed when using the cosmetics packaging machine.
6. The cosmetics packaging machine runs steady with servo, using a thermostatic storing unit and magnetic charging device to control the filling weight, usually within ±0.3g.
7. The filling process is controlled by constant temperature, non-block, and easily cleaning.
8. With quick cooling and fixing pattern, well sealing, orientation cutting without error, and clear net web, the cosmetics packaging machine is exported to Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries.

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