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Automatic Cartoning Machine (ANTZ-100P Bottle Sorting)

Automatic Cartoning Machine (ANTZ-100P Bottle Sorting)

This automatic cartoning machine is used for cardboard case packaging of bottles (round, square), cosmetics, food and so on. It consists of direction folding (1-4 folds) and feeding equipment, cardboard case forming and feeding, batch number printing, sealing of case tongues at both ends, etc. The whole encasing process is finished automatically. Our automatic cartoning machine can be added to a hot-glue machine.

1. The automatic cartooning machine uses internationally famous brands of electric components for the PLC touch screen, frequency inverters. etc., giving it very stable performance.
2. The automatic cartoning machine uses a human-computer interface operation system. It has many features such as an automatic displaying device for trouble, speed and finished products counting, an automatic detection and rejection device for lacking of blisters/goods or leaflets, etc.

Technical Specifications

Item Parameters
Encasing Speed 30-100box/min
Box Quality requirement 250-350g/m2
Dimension Range (L x W x H) (65-180)mm x (30-85)mm x (15-50)mm
Leaflet Quality requirement 50-65g/m2
Unfolded Leaflet Specification (80-300)mm x (70-210)mm
Folded Leaflet Specification (1-4) (70-210)mm x (20-40)mm
Compressed Air Working pressure 0.5-0.7mpa
Air Consumption 120-160L/min
Power Supply 220v 50hz
Motor Power 0.75kw
Machine Dimension 2800 x 880 x 1800(mm)
Machine Weight 1200kg
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