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Antai is a China-based specialized pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer. Our products include blister machine, blister packing machine, vacuum forming machine, capsule filling machine, and more. These products are made in line with applicable international standards such as CE and GMP. Thus, you can trust their quality. Nowadays, due to reliable quality and affordable prices, our food blister machines, vacuum forming machines, etc are widely exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Australia, and other countries.

We welcome purchasers from all over the world to contact us. The staff at Antai hopes to working with you.

Main Products
  • Auto-Checking Blister Machine (DPB-250B-I)The auto-checking blister machine is equipped with an inductive self-checking mechanism which can eliminate the waste plate with lack of particle, making sure the qualified rate reaches 100%. (Optional) ...
  • Auto-Checking Blister Machine (DPB-140B-I)The main transmission of the auto-checking blister machine is used with a swinging pin gear reducer to ensure long life, low noise and stable running.
    Using plate structure and adjustable stroke, ...
  • Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine (DPB-250E-I)With flat structure, the flat plate blister packing machine has many functions, including automatic feeding, image and character register heating, positive forming, air cushion heating-seal, automatic perforation and printing ...
  • Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine (DPB-140E)The main transmission part of the flat plate blister packing machine is used with a swinging pin-wheel and features long life, low noise, and stable running.
    For its adjustable stroke, the flat plate blister packing ...